Exploring the Complex

This state of the art, modern complex houses over 130 students, and is located in the heart of Haslemere town. The accommodation of the campus is split into two separate facilities, housing juniors and seniors respectively. Another vital component of this compound building is the Baitul Kareem mosque which, for all students in the hostel, is within reach allowing for congregational prayers. The students have access to a wide array of facilities within the campus, including a gym, computer lab, vast dining area, library and many more. The campus is equipped with a large stretch of open land, utilised as a sports field. This is used for activities such as football, volleyball, athletics and cricket. Adjacent to the field, basketball and tennis courts are also available to the students.

The ground floor is used for academic purposes, including seven classrooms, a library designed for independent studies, a staff room and other offices for the teachers. In the centre of the building is a multi-purpose hall primarily used for assemblies, lectures, indoor sports and also holds numerous events with guest speakers throughout the year. Taking into consideration all aspects of the day-to-day life of a Jamia student, we are able to provide a lively environment allowing our students to thrive academically and attain great heights.

The Campus

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The Jamia Library is home to over 25,000 books in a plethora of languages, such as English, Arabic, Urdu and Persian. There are also many antique books, some being up to 300 years old. The library is the home of research in Jamia, and contains all the main Islamic books, such as books of Ahadith (The sayings of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him), Fiqah (Islamic Jurisprudence), Tafsir (Commentaries of the Holy Quran) and much more. There is also a rich collection of secular books to be found.

Sport Facilities

In the Jamia complex, there are many facilities to accommodate for numerous sports. These facilities are used all year round; rain or shine, the students have full access to them. For general fitness the students have access to a free state of the art gym. This caters for all levels of fitness and strength with its machines, weights and calisthenic equipment. For team sports, there is a sports field with an eleven a side pitch. The pitch also provides the students with the opportunity to play volleyball. There are also two basketball courts which can also be used as tennis courts. A games marquee also serves as a common room, hosting games such as indoor cricket, table tennis and table football. Alongside all these facilities there are regular visits to the leisure centre, where students can play football, basketball, badminton and squash.

IT Infrastructure

The backbone of every organisation is a robust IT system. Jamia has taken this very seriously since it opened its doors in 2005. The IT department made sure that Jamia stays connected with the outside world and therefore provided a computer lab whereby students are allocated credentials where get to save their data on a central server. Senior students may opt to bring their own devices and their requirements are also met and internet access has been granted. One of the latest addition to the Jamia infrastructure was the introduction to a learning management system where lectures and other learning materials are available to the student from anywhere in the world and from any device.